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Give Your Kids Their Own Unique Treehouse

Cate in her custom treehouseI enjoy every type of project I work on, but one of my favorites has to be the treehouse I built last year as an 11th-birthday present for Cate Wolfe of Granite Bay.

I constructed this treehouse according to Cate’s own specifications. She drew pictures of how she wanted it to look, and I took it from there. It’s 6 feet square. The floor is 8 feet off the ground and the roof tops out at 14 feet. The project includes a ladder, a single-chair hammock underneath the deck and a swing floating from a beam that extends off one side.

Treehouse built with sturdy constructionI used pressure-treated wood for the structure and supported it with concrete. The roof is made from real shingles. For a handrail, I cut logs in half and bolted them to the railing.

One challenge with this project was that, by ordinance, the structure could not touch the trees, so it’s not technically a “treehouse.” Instead, it sits between two oaks about a half-inch away from each trunk. It fits so perfectly it appears to be in the trees.

With two of us working, we completed this project in just two days.

Soon after the treehouse was finished, we added another fun touch: a zip line that extends from the top of the treehouse to the opposite corner of the yard. The line came in a kit, and I installed it.

Custom tree house with swingCate and her family are very pleased with the result. Here’s what Cate’s mom, Paula Wolfe, says:

“This treehouse is so charming. We wanted something that would blend in with the trees and not be an eyesore, and this is awesome. The workmanship is fantastic. It’s so sturdy – it doesn’t even wiggle. We put a table and two benches up there, and Cate and her friends use it several times a week. Cate does her homework there. The cat loves it too! We put a house up there for her and now that’s where she sleeps. It’s wonderful.”

Cate’s treehouse was featured in the Granite Bay View by photographer Phillip Wood. If you children would like their own unique treehouse, contact the Granite Bay House Doctor.

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