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How to Hang a Mirror

Be Sure Your Mirror Is Hung Securely

How to Hang a Mirror

As soon as I’d hung this 4-foot mirror, the glass pulled out of its frame. The reason: The 1/4-inch screws in the ready-made frame were too short to hold the heavy mirror.

This is a common problem with mirrors you buy already framed. You can’t know if the screws are adequate unless you remove them — usually not a practical option. Depending on the thickness of the frame, screws should be 1/2 inch or longer — the longest that will fit.

As a caution, after I’ve hung a mirror, I let go slowly to make sure it’s securely attached. This is how I prevented damage in this case. For this mirror, I replaced the screws and rehung it.

I install mirrors – of any size – on special wall anchors. Never put up a mirror on a hook made for hanging pictures! This mirror didn’t need to be mounted in a stud, but larger ones do. Call me at 916-508-4731, and I will make sure your mirror is hung correctly and safely for your home.

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